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Balanced nutrition on a budget

I think there is a common misconception that good nutrition or a protein rich diet can be overly expensive. However, it is entirely possible to eat an abundance of food that is both nutritious and tasty and be spoiled for choice.

I used to assume that a high protein diet would be really costly and for a long time I ruled out even considering it as an option because of that.

I don't have a lot of spare cash at the end of the month so I was determined when I started doing this a few months ago that I make savings somewhere so I sat down and had a good look at:

what I was spending on my food bill each weekhow much was going to wastelooking for ways that I could minimise costs and waste.
I started out by doing a tour of the various supermarkets and comparing the cost and the quality of each shop over a period of four weeks. I even looked at local shops and butchers to see what was available. In an ideal world I would have the time to go to different outlets for different items to max…

NEW - My favourite foods and recipes

I've just added a new section to the blog with a link to my favourite foods, an example of a typical week for me along with some of the recipes I use on a regular basis. I'll be adding to it as time goes on and I try out new recipes.

Check it out, hope you find something you like in there x

My Favourite Foods & Recipes