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These are a variety of links that I use as a resource for workouts, equipment and research.  They are all worth a look.

Transformation Team Training
This is where I train and also where I get my nutrition coaching. Great training environment, trainers and advice.

A great source of kettlebell workouts designed by Marianne Kane, a qualified Fitness and Extreme Kettlebell Instructor.  If you are looking for a challenging workout check her site out.

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Progression and what's different this time...

With the end of the year on the horizon it's only natural that we all start reflecting on the year we've had. I've been doing the same and can honestly say that I've had such a good year.
I usually get to this time of year and start to feel a bit down, mainly because I regret having not done something about my weight...again, nothing more depressing than another year passing and feeling full of regret. It was feeling like that this time last year that had me make a promise to myself that I was going to make some big changes, determined to not let another year pass and feel like a failure. I am so glad that I did and that I kept that promise to myself. This year, I am finishing the year on a high, feeling full of hope and determination for next year.

Getting started was the easy part, like most diets, you start out full of good intentions and motivation. I started with Slimming World in January and I went in all gung-ho. Things went well for the first couple of months, I …

3 Months in - What real progress looks and feels like!

So I check in with my nutrition coach Simon every week. I weigh and measure myself, take outputs from my fitness pal to send onto him, and let him know what is and isn't going well. He keeps a eye on how my nutrition is moving along and will advise on any adjustments he thinks I need to make, as well as answer any of my questions. As the weeks are moving along I can see that this routine is as much for my benefit as it is his. It gives me a window to ponder, recognise and record my progress.

On average I lose around a pound to a pound and a half a week. Some folks might think that's not much, however, that pound and a half signifies so much more than just the weight on the scale. Anyone who has done a diet or slimming club where a weekly weigh in is involved will know that they generally measure your progress on the scale alone. In my experience I would lose a few pounds one week, zero the next, put on, lose a few... you get the idea. No consistency, up and down like a yo-yo..…

Daily activity challenge: 3 lessons I learned last week

So last week one of our trainers set a daily activity challenge to boost our activity outside of the training sessions
This led to me going for walks at lunch time and generally trying to get up and away from my desk throughout the day at work. You can find out more in a wee video I recorded:

I kept everything else that I have been doing the same. Same macros, same amount of training (3x1 hour sessions of strength & conditioning).
I had felt like my progress had slowed over the last 2-3 weeks. So I was more than chuffed when I took my measurements this morning.
Total inch loss = 4.5 inchesWeight loss = 2lbs
So what did I learn last week?!
1. If things aren't progressing go back to basics