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3 Months in - What real progress looks and feels like!

So I check in with my nutrition coach Simon every week. I weigh and measure myself, take outputs from my fitness pal to send onto him, and let him know what is and isn't going well. He keeps a eye on how my nutrition is moving along and will advise on any adjustments he thinks I need to make, as well as answer any of my questions. As the weeks are moving along I can see that this routine is as much for my benefit as it is his. It gives me a window to ponder, recognise and record my progress.

On average I lose around a pound to a pound and a half a week. Some folks might think that's not much, however, that pound and a half signifies so much more than just the weight on the scale. Anyone who has done a diet or slimming club where a weekly weigh in is involved will know that they generally measure your progress on the scale alone. In my experience I would lose a few pounds one week, zero the next, put on, lose a few... you get the idea. No consistency, up and down like a

So to know that I  am consistently losing a similar amount each week, to me, that's even better than going for the big losses and then having things slow down. Your weight alone does not account for the fact that you are building muscle and dropping fat at the same time.

Simon always talks about consistency and at first I was like "guy's a bit obsessed with that word". Nowadays the shoe is well and truly on the other foot! Why? Because it works. Having a consistent approach to planning my nutrition, showing up to training, making an effort in everything that is helping me move towards my goals, is essential. If you are sitting there thinking 'that sounds like too much faff and bother', then you are probably kidding yourself on. I know, I used to do it!  Making real and lasting changes takes effort. You need to be honest with yourself and make a real commitment to what you want and doing something about it, and then keep doing it.

'Though shall not be defined by the scales alone!'

I used to focus on the scales to define how well or not so well my weight loss efforts were moving along. I'm not ditching the scales altogether, being overweight I know I need to shift some, but having the scales as a sole focus means that it is easy to miss all of the other amazing things that are going on physically and mentally as a result of my efforts.

This is my list of what progress really looks and feels like for me...

1. At the end of January I was a dress size uk 22/24, 5 months later I am buying a size 18 almost a 16. 

That's 3 whole dress sizes! In 5 months. I can live with that!!
I'm shrinking!

2. I've made peace with my measuring tape! 

When I started working with TTT I hated the measuring tape, I didn't like what it said. But it gave me the kick up the backside I needed. I wanted to change those numbers, so that has become my focus.

So far since March I have lost...

  • Chest 5 inches
  • Waist 10 inches 
  • Navel 7 inches
  • Hips 5 inches
  • Biceps 3 inches (1.5 on each arm)
  • Quads 8 inches (3.5 on one, and 4.5 on other)

Overall total - 38 inches  😲😲😲

It looks like this...
3 months progress woo-hoo!

3. Going on holiday and not putting on a tonne of weight

When I'm away on holiday I've learned to listen to my body and recognise when I'm full, and to stop eating at that point. AKA mindful eating. This is a major step for me, as I have mentioned previously, I am a glutton, I love my food and in the past, I would have no off switch. Holidays would have been used as an excuse to be lazy, snack all day, 3-course meals, guzzle the wine... not any more! I still have the odd indulgence when I am away but in moderation. Rather than lounge around all day, I get up and move around... lots.

4. Being active most of the time rather than some of the time. Moving more = more calories burned. 

So this is essential and probably one the most important aspects of my fitness that I have overlooked for years. At TTT the trainers always talk about how important this is. I've been guilty in the past of exercising for maybe 2-3 hours through the week and then excusing myself from doing much else the rest of the time because of that. I am currently training 3-4 hours a week, however, that is only 4 hours out of  112 waking hours in the week. Just by getting up and moving around more, I feel like I have much more energy in general.  This was a struggle to get into a few months ago, especially when you have a desk job that requires you to be plugged into the machine for 7-8 hours a day. Unfortunately, there's no escaping that for me. However, by making sure I get up and move around for at least 5 minutes every hour, whether it's going to fill the kettle, taking a quick walk around the corridor, getting up and stretching, making a cup of coffee, it doesn't matter, it all counts. I go for walks at lunchtime and when you have a puppy with an abundance of crazy energy, taking him for a walk in the evenings for an hour rather than watch another episode on netflix is guaranteed to get you moving!

5. Feeling like wonder woman when you add weight to your deadlift 💪

Weightlifting, who knew it could be classed as fun! I really enjoy the lifting sessions that are part of the training schedule.  Even better is feeling the progress your body is making. Progressively upping the kilogrammes on your bar and actually being able to rep out a set is one of the most satisfying feelings. It is a constant progression, from improving and perfecting your technique to adding weight to your lift, its one of those things that you can continually develop in. Deadlifts with a cage bar are my favourite!! Wish I could say the same about my burpees :(


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