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Saturday night is still pizza night!

I luuuurvve pizza!

Up until a few months ago we used to order a pizza from the takeaway at least once a week.

Garlic bread mozzarella stuffed crust, bbq sauce, pepperoni, chicken, crispy bacon, onions, pepper, extra cheese ... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Needless to say it was one of the weekend rituals I ditched when I started to make changes to my nutrition and fitness regimen, and I missed it like crazy. But at 2000 kcals a pizza it was basically a no go area and I wasn't willing to test my self restraint at stopping after a single slice! So elimination was the only option.

However, I have started experimenting and by making my own at home with a few tweaks, pizza is back on the menu. It can be a healthy option that feels indulgent. I now have a new Saturday night ritual, coming up with new topping combinations!

Check out the video and method below for more info:

For the base

I used Musclefood's high protein gluten free pizza bases (300 kcals and 30g of protein per base, and £3 for 3 bases)
Alternatively, I will use a herb or garlic flour tortilla for a lighter option with less calories.

For the Sauce

Oregano (or any herbs)
Sriracha (for a little spice!)

For the toppings

Anything goes here. Ive got a bit of an obsession with putting an egg on my pizzas these days. For my version in the video I used:

Italian sausage (I fried this off before adding to pizza)
Chorizo (This was also fried off before adding to pizza)
Chargrilled chicken
Cherry Tomatoes
Grated mozzarella
Half Fat Buffallo Mozzarella
A large egg

You just need to assemble the pizzas and pop it in an oven for 10-15 minutes until its bubbling and golden.

Its a great meal to have anytime, incredibly versatile, tasty and quick.


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