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Fight Camp is Done :-( ..... the results are in :-)

So I had my final Fight Camp session yesterday morning.... boooo :( 

6 weeks of early 5am rises, 24 hours worth of crazy training sessions, 10 million buckets of sweat, 20 bags of spinach, i've lost count of the amount of chickens, and a vat of  protein shakes later and I feel fit and fabulous!

Every session was relentless and the setup continually evolved.  Even in the last session, the trainers were chucking new combinations and exercises at us (which included some jump kicks and jump knees which were much fun), continually pushing us until the very end.  The finisher was an absolute killer which involved a pack of cards (a very dodgy pack of cards which seemed to have way too many 10s in it) and a torturous amount of burpees, squat jumps and ab exercises.  My ab's are flinching just thinking about it!

I've got mixed feelings with regard to the end of the camp.  I'm sad it is over.  As much as I was starting to struggle with the early mornings (one of the few drawbacks, but it also came with its advantages, so it wasn't all bad), I will miss the intensity of the sessions and the encouragement, determination and camaraderie of the trainers and all of the happy campers!  But I am also stoked at the prospect of my long lies I will be relishing in the coming week. I slept through my alarm this morning and didn't make it to somewhere I was meant to be early on.  Oops!

What I won't miss is hiking all my bags around with me, I have been the epitome of 'the bag lady' for the last 6 weeks!  I also won't miss the 8 rounds of tuck jumps on the mats :P

With the end of fight camp came the final measurements.  Let's face it, I signed up to Fight Camp to get results and that is exactly what I got ....


Weight (kg/lbs)
85.4 kg
13st 4lbs
12st 7lbs
Bodyfat %

Skinfolds (mm):
Subscap (Back/Shoulder Blade)
Illiac (front hip bone)

Measurements (inches):
Bust (Full/ribcage)

Note:  At the weigh-in yesterday I had measured 82.6kg, this was taken in the evening.  At advice of trainers I re-weighed this morning and my weight was 80.5kg.

and the visual...

(Click on image to enlarge)

Am I pleased?  YES!!!!

I would recommend Fight Camp to anyone looking for a new challenge.  It's bloody hard work but well worth it.  You need to go into it prepared to push yourself, equipped with strong willpower and being slightly unhinged probably helps too.  You will get out of it what you put in.  Would I do it again? Yes, and probably will in a couple of months time.

What's next?

First up is getting to the gym on my lunch breaks again to start trying out some of the workouts I have put together taking inspiration from what I have learned in Fight Camp and putting this new improved body of mine through its paces.

And just to let you know, just because Fight Camp is finished, my blog is not.  I intend to keep updating on a regular basis based on my pursuits and experiences in trying out new exercises and classes as I continue to work towards my goals. So stay tuned for the next installment ....

As the fight camp trainers would say 

Click on link if you'd like to find out more


Anonymous said…
Well done Sara :)
Looking great and fantastic results!!
Good luck on whatever you are doing now and any time you want a session then you know my number.
Enjoy the lie ins

Anonymous said…
Well done Sara - you look ace! hope to see you back up at the ladies classes soon. Very inspiring reading by the way so glad you are keeping up the blogs!
Hil x

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