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Going it alone

It has been just over a week since I finished with fight camp.  After it finished I was totally up for stepping up the exercise regime and attacking every class I could get to.  But of course, the plan never quite went off as I had hoped.  Life got in the way, I had a wedding at the weekend which I was rushing about getting stuff for and work was quite hectic so I only managed to squeeze in two sessions.  I’m having serious withdrawal.  I am missing the structure and routine of the early morning workouts.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying the extra hour under my duvet, but I just don’t feel as energized through the day and have been relying on my coffee addiction to get me going in the mornings.  It has also been hard to get that same intensity during my workouts.  You take for granted how much the trainers encouragement during the sessions actually kept you going.  It is a totally different game going it alone.  Actually having to think about it and plan my exercise around my weekly schedule is a bit of a juggling act.

My diet has remained pretty much the same, but if I am honest I have been giving myself the odd treat.   My mum’s fruit loaf is too good to pass up and she cooked a fresh one when I was over at the weekend… yummy  :P Oh and there was the Jalepeno Kettle Crisps.  Lets not forget the evening buffet at the wedding; roll ‘n square sausage, sausage rolls, spring rolls, sandwiches, pakora.  Oh, and the wedding cake …Yes, I indulged!    Then of course there was the alcohol consumed at the  wedding.  Pretty sure I consumed my bodyweight in Gin and I wasn’t even tipsy, so much for being a lightweight! 

I was feeling a bit guilty yesterday evening about what I have been eating, but when I sat down and contemplated everything I came to the conclusion that the point of doing all this exercise and making all the changes to my diet,  are so that I can indulge at family dos, get-togethers and social events and know that I can enjoy it without worrying and feeling guilty about it.  It is part of living a balanced lifestyle.  I had a couple of toffees at work on Friday afternoon and some of my colleagues made a big hoo-haa about it because I don’t usually eat sweets.  I work damn hard and if I want a toffee I am going to have one! :P

I think the main point I need top note is that I don't make too much of a habit of treating myself with food.  Maybe mix it up a bit with some shopping!!!

Feeling like I needed some motivation to attack the exercise again I was looking at some old pictures in comparison to some of the ones taken at the weekend.  Just in case you haven’t noticed already, I am into the motivational before and after photos which you can see below. 

September 2010
June 2011

The wedding was great for my ego.  Lots of family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while couldn’t believe the difference in my weight and were full of compliments.  I loved my dress that I had bought especially, mixed it up with some new hair colour;  I felt like a different woman and was more than happy to pose in pictures.  A totally different story to last year when I used to shy away from getting my pictures taken, preferring to be the one holding the camera than being stood in front of it.

I feel totally recharged this week and ready to seriously kick my ass with some full on workouts and some new classes. I will probably be in pieces by the end of the week and can’t wait to feel completely wrecked!! I know, I’m sick in the head (‘’;)



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