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Fight Camp, Week 2 - Done!

Woo Hoo!! that's another week ticked off and it has been a sweaty one! Very, very sweaty (";)

Intensity was amped up again each day this week. Monday was a bit of a rude awakening after having the weekend off, I think my body goes into some kind of defense mode and forgets just how gruelling the last workout was and shrouds the memories in a nice rosey glow. Monday morning I whacked my legs off a bench and now have a nice big lump and bruise on my left shin. I fell on my ass on Thursday morning during some jumping! Not painful thankfully, was straight back up again and into the exercise, although I did stumble a little again straight after. (I've come to the conclusion that I am a wee bit clumsy. I think Leona had me in mind when she belted out "I keep bleeding, I keep, keep, bleeding...") My butt cheeks, thighs and arms are killin' me from the torturous pushup holds and squat holds from this mornings session, ouchy!!

I struggled a bit with the diet last weekend, not from eating the wrong things but from not eating often enough, it's a bit easier through the week because of the structure in the day when I'm working. So this weekend I am making a point of eating just as regularly as I am through the week.

The rampant hunger I experienced in week 1 has thankfully died down as my body seems to be adjusting and I am constantly refuelling every couple of hours, grumbley tummy has been fairly quiet this week! In fact, whilst having lunch with the lovely Sheena, tummy was treated to a wee (actually big) fruit scone at lunch time, twas lovely :) I've also realised that I haven't had a packet of crisps in over three weeks, thats a personal record!!

I am trying like crazy to resist the urge to weigh myself, I can feel a difference in my clothes already so I am excited to see the difference the last couple of weeks has made to my weight and measurements. I may need to bow to the pressure on Saturday.

Can't believe I'm two weeks in already, it's going by so quickly.

Roll on week 3 ...

AAaaaah Friday Night's Dinner ... Yummy :P


Anonymous said…
Well done Sara from Annabell
Sarasaurus said…
Thanks Mum xxx

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