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As I write this I am shovelling my big ass salad into my gob at a great rate of knots that would rival a homeless man who hasn't seen food in a month. The salad was made with the intention of it being two servings, not gonna happen, it's all gone and it's only 15 minutes into my lunch break. My stomach was actually growling at me earlier, I simply couldn't get the red grapes I was eating down my throat fast enough ("Stop teasing me Goddammit, keep them coming!") I'm pretty sure the sun worshippers down the hill in George Square could hear it's demands.

2 days into Fight Camp and despite wreaking havoc on my metabolism, I am loving it! My thighs and shoulders are feeling a bit dead after this morning's session, but i couldn't be happier!

It's gut busting, cellulite quaking (if its not quaking yet, it bloody well should be), intense, hard work (they weren't joking when they said 'willpower required'), but it's also cracking good fun :) I'm getting up at 5am, working out at 7am for an hour and still have a smile on my face! Being up at that time voluntarily should be illegal, and you probably think I am off my rocker but I am genuinely enjoying it.

Apparently, yesterday and today's Muay Thai sessions were introductory! If that's an introduction then God help me in the coming days, weeks even!

BURPEES are and continue to be the hardest exercises I have ever done. Even Sheena and I renaming them 'Happy Birthdays' has not made a bit of difference. I lost count of how many we got through this morning, I was too busy breathing out my ass! I'm pretty sure I heard some grown men weeping in the corner of the studio at the prospect of more of the nasty blighters this morning.

Ah well, recovery day tomorrow, bit of a long lie, breakfast at an almost normal hour ...

Thursday is what the Fight Camp refer to as the 'Playground' time, a strength and conditioning session where we will apparently be flipping tyres and all sorts. I know it's going to be painful, but again I am looking forward to trying something new. One of the trainers promised that Friday's session is going to be a killer! Am I scared? I know that I probably should be, but that stupid voice in my head is at it again, "Bring on the pain!"

I think I need to see a therapist, surely that's not normal?!


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