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Fight Camp Week 3 - Done!

No picture of my pretty face this week I'm afraid, my official photographer wasn't available and I kinda forgot! So here is a picture of my motivational guru, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, from the film Full Metal Jacket, the man is a genius when it comes to motivational speeches.

So it's Friday, end of week 3 of Fight Camp and I am at the half way mark.  I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are going by, time really does fly when you are having fun.

This week has been hard, but fun!  I think my body is starting to rebel against me and decided it's had enough of the early mornings.  I think part of my struggle this week has been lack of sleep.  I've been trying to get to bed earlier, but most of the time I am lying there awake for an hour before I drift off.

My Burpees have been pitiful, more like mushy pees than power pees!  Note to self: must try harder and give it more gusto!  My legs just didn't want to play the game this morning, going to need to have words with them and tell them to man-up.

I'd been missing my Ladies Muay Thai class at the Griphouse, so me and Sheena decided to go along to class on Wednesday night, it was great to see all the ladies again and we had a great time, it was still hard work but lots of fun and the banter was flowing.  I always leave the class on a high, think that's one of the reasons it is so addictive.  May also be the reason for me struggling slightly as I didn't have the usual rest day midweek, but it was worth it.

Noticed during this morning's session that my balance has gone to pot again, so through the week I'll need to start doing my exercises again, which usually involves doing lots of household chores whilst balancing on one leg!  It works though.

It struck me this morning walking away from the session and looking at everyone's red but smiling faces just how incredible it is that the people doing Fight Camp are all so committed and motivated to improve their fitness. It's pretty awesome to see everyone busting their guts to achieve something.  If any of you guys are reading this, you are all doing so well and I think you are all pretty amazing!

Me and Sheena have been finding it highly entertaining listening to the various catchphrases that each of the trainers have and mightily impressed at the volume some of them can belt them out at.

So, I was asking some friends recently if any of their instructors have any of their own quirky catchphrases.  A few of them are quite good.  One of the girls I work with has a particularly inventive instructor for the Legs, Bums and Tums class she attends, especially when it comes to Squats.  She was explaining to the ladies in the class that to get to the correct squat position, they should imagine having to go for a pee in the bushes and squat as though they don't want to get their knickers wet.  So when the class is going she is shouting at them "Lower ladies, you don't want soggy knickers!!!"  My favourite was "Love doesn't need handles!" Think I'm going to get those printed on a t-shirt.

Me and 'My Precious' Goonies Tee!
A major milestone has been reached in the weight loss.  I can fit into my Goonies t-shirt again!! 'My Precious' that I haven't been able to fit into in nearly 7 years and that I have lovingly kept in pristine condition is coming out of the closet.  

I'm off for a long weekend with the hubby and mumsy-in-law, so no blog posts for next few days.  I'm a bit gutted I'll be missing two days of fight camp, but I am looking forward to the break.  I don't want my diet to go to pot while I'm away so my willpower will probably be tested to the max.  Is it sad that I'm contemplating taking one of my Kettlebells (my wee pal Winston) and a skipping rope away with me?!

I'm biting the bullet and weighing myself tomorrow morning.  I'll be sure to let you know how I am progressing. 

Also, just a quick plug! Will, who I did Personal Training with, has started his own blog on the training he is doing using the Chad Wesley Smith Juggernaut Method.  From everything I have heard and read about it so far, it sounds mental, you should swing by and check it out by clicking on the link.

Ciao for now  (";)


Anonymous said…
"Love doesn't need handles" thats the best thing I have ever heard lol I really enjoyed this week mit has been great fun, and although as your officical photographer we never got a photo I think the one you have posted is great - with him looking at you with that stern face it would make you do 100 happy birthdays without even thinking about it, you would be too scared lol
Can't believe thats week 3 done, I love it though, its been hard work but thoroughly enjoyable and good to be in such a positive, motivated environmnet - can't wait to see whats in store in the coming weeks, something pure evil I would imagine ;)
Enjoy your weekend away and have fun - take the kettle bell and ropes with you - no slacking! :) Have fun though
Sheena xx

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