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I wanna get physical! ;)

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

I think it's no secret from everything I've posted so far that I love my exercise these days. If it was classed as a drug, I'd be an addict! Friends and colleagues will agree that I am completely obsessed with it. A very different story from this time last year, actually, ever! I used to do the occasional Body Pump class, go out for a ride on the mountain bike every now and then, force myself to go to the gym or go for the odd walk on a Sunday morning, but that was about the extent of it, and that was only when i was on a fitness kick. That would last a couple of weeks and then I would go back to my slovenly ways.

Sara 7 months ago! (";) hehe

But something gradually changed. I started trying various types of exercise, from working with my trainer, to trying an assortment of classes. From doing this I found things that I enjoy and challenge me (or causes me pain! Apparently, I'm a bit of a masochist!) In finding something that I actually like and interests me, i've stuck with it.

I hated going to the gym and doing 10 mins on the bike, 20 mins on treadmill, 10 mins on the rower ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz Sorry I nodded off there! Where was I? ...oh yeah, I hated going to the gym; not very stimulating! I used to force yourself to continually do things that I didn't enjoy, so it is no wonder that I never stuck with it. I think it's so important for anyone wanting to get back into exercise or if you want to improve your fitness, that you try as many different types of exercise as possible until you find something that is stimulating and most importantly FUN. If you can find that, then you will find that sticking with it doesn't become a chore, instead, it makes the prospect of exercising throughout the week much more fun and enjoyable.

If you are looking for inspiration on different exercises then talk to your friends and colleagues at work. Hearing what other people get up to can not only be surprising but can lead you to trying out something new. Just talking about the kinds of things you get up to in your own time can help someone else find something they might want to try.

I've found the time of day I exercise has an impact on how much I enjoy it as well. I'm not much of a fan of exercising in the evening these days, I much prefer to get my exercise fix in the morning or around lunchtime. First thing in the morning is a great wake up call, especially during the working week. Lunchtimes are even better and are a great way of breaking up your day and getting rid of the daily grind aggression (I highly recommend Medicine Ball Slams or a pad session), it makes your day go by much quicker. Not only that, but if you get it out of the way early on in the day it frees up your evening.

Exercise is not just good for you physically but also mentally (well it's made me a bit more mental, I blame the serotonin and endorphins!) It is the prefect antidote to stress. Whether professional or personal, you can forget about the things that are bugging you for an hour when you workout, a chance to escape for a little while. I've never felt so chilled out and positive as I do these days. Exercise is great for building up your self-confidence and self-esteem. You can achieve something every time you workout just by pushing yourself that little bit further; set, aim and achieve new goals. I think the same goes for life in general.

If the thought of going to the gym or participating in any kind of exercise is a horrific prospect then think about going with one or a group of friends. Having a good friend to be your partner in crime can mean the difference between loving and hating an exercise, everything is better in life with friends. If you are worried about what you will look like, then don't. You aren't there for anyone else, concentrate on you, and if anyone is looking, it's only because they are impressed with your mad skills!

Here comes the cliche:

Look after your body and it will look after you!

I couldn't agree more. The health benefits to exercising are important. Okay, so it's not a magic antidote to cure all ills. But what it will do is make sure your body is as healthy and strong as it can be. My health was deteriorating before I started eating healthily and exercising. Aches and pains in my joints, Asthma, my skin was horrible, I was pretty miserable. There's Diabetes in my family and had I not done something when I did then I have no doubt that I would have ended up the same way. Basically, I was a mess. But 7 months down the line my skin practically glows, and the only thing that aches these days is my face from smiling. The Asthma, I can't remember the last time I had to use my inhalers and I know that it is all down to making positive changes. I dread to think where I would be heading if I hadn't done something about it when I did.

My Top 5 Favourite Exercises/Workouts are:

5. Pilates
4. 300 Workout
3. Skipping
2. Kettlebells (love swinging mine about first thing in the morning!)
1. Muay Thai Kickboxing (Love this, not a fan of the bruises though!)

In the future I plan to try:

Surfing (booked in to do that in July)
Boxing Classes

So what are you waiting for? ... Go get your SWEAT ON!!


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